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American Board of Orthodontics


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Choosing to straighten your teeth is a big decision that affects your appearance and lifestyle.

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Shadyside Orthodontics
5888 1/2 Ellsworth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

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Shadyside orthodontics

We at Shadyside orthodontics assures every patient to provide innovative and meticulous care in Philadelphia. Technological advancements, novel treatment such as the composition of wires, outlining the braces, bonding ingredients make any orthodontic treatment comfortable and long lasting than ever before.

We put our 100% in understanding the needs of the patients and then look forward to helping them get the smile they have always wanted. Philadelphia Orthodontist go out of their way to make the treatment affordable.

Moreover, we have digital charting, 3D radiography, digital imaging, and list many treatment options such as customized treatment, early and adult treatment, Invisalign, retention, and other appliances to meet the specific problems.

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Philadelphia Orthodontists

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Philadelphia Orthodontists are no longer famous for just carving perfect smiles instead, they are now better known for using advanced treatments to create a balance between teeth and facial structures. Shadyside Orthodontics not only helps you win the smile and confidence you deserve but also promises to scan into current status and to work relentlessly, to achieve the caring goal.

Our practice is to provide a friendly environment while targeting on the customer satisfaction and profitable services.  When it comes to orthodontic treatment, we believe in being completely honest about the services and building great relationships. For us AGE is mere a number, we provide in-depth treatment to patients of all ages. We are the best Philadelphia Orthodontist fully equipped with clinical techniques and professionally trained staff.

We are all set to greet you on your way to that impressive smile you have been finding in the mirror. Are you ready to get treated into your busy schedule?

We Want To Be Your Favorite Orthodontist!

We Care, and Most Importantly You Matter to Us!

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One of the most sublime experiences we can ever have is to wake up feeling healthy after we have been sick.

Shadyside Orthodontics
5888 1/2 Ellsworth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Phone: 412 362 0900


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