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Orthodontist Dentistry & Treatment in Pittsburgh, PA

It always gives us a pleasure to introduce our new orthodontist studios to you. We now have opened at Pittsburgh where we would offer cutting-edge orthodontist dentistry and orthodontist treatment to you. For us, nothing is more precious than your beautiful smile and we help you in preserving it in our state-of-art facility. Dr. O’Reilley is a well known orthodontist with several years of experience. Her Shadyside Orthodontist has earned wide reputation and trust of patients who sought comprehensive and advanced orthodontist solutions under one-roof. Shadyside Orthodontist Pittsburgh is a part of our serious expansion plan which focuses on bringing affordable dentistry solution to the patients.

No need to be afraid of a dentist’s chair anymore

Are you of afraid of the dentist’s chair? Our friendly doctors will help you put all your inhibitions aside. In order to bring the best dental solution close to you we offer a series of corrective Orthodontist treatments that will help you fight any dental issues. In our modern set-up we have the latest dental equipments to offer the most advanced dental treatment. Our team of doctors is deemed the best in their domain and each one boasts about an illustrious professional history in rendering best-in-class solution. They will soon put your anxieties at rest and will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. We are sure that once you have tried Shadyside Orthodontist you will always look forward to your next visit.

We are the best and affordable

Shadyside Orthodontist has a proven track record of several years to be a leader in offering path-breaking orthodontist treatment. On many occasions we were the pioneers in introducing the latest treatment techniques. Our doctors are widely experienced and globally reputed.

We understand that choosing to straighten your teeth is a big decision that you make for your child. And so, we have brought to you the best orthodontist dentistry solutions that will put all your worries at rest. In our orthodontist care specialist unit our doctors will help you choose the best solution and treatment after diagnosing your problem and by establishing the correct treatment method.

During the process we keep the cost of the treatment affordable. We believe that modern treatment should be available to everyone and it is the reason why we practice competitive pricing method.

Modern treatment – personalized and tailored for you

When we say we are most modern we actually mean it. You can now get invisalign treatment at Shadyside Orthodontist. Invisalign is a modern treatment approach that is used in teens and adults in correcting their smiles without using visible braces. It consist a series of custom made teeth plates which are used in forcing your teeth to shift places. These are as good as braces but not visible like them. These can be removed easily and the result is a beautiful smile.

If you like to know more about our international standard orthodontist treatment, please check out our website.  In case you want to book an appointment with our orthodontist dentist, give us a call today. We have flexible schedule for appointments and you can book with us for as early as 7 am or as late as 7 pm.