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Orthodontist Treatment for Kids and Adults in Oakland

The best orthodontist treatment from Shadyside Orthodontist is now near you. If you are living in Oakland or nearby locations here is your opportunity to grab our world-class dental treatment solutions. Orthodontist care specialist, Dr. Maria T. O’Reilly is known for offering the most modern and advanced smile correction treatment using latest equipment and techniques. The treatment is not only effective but deemed as best by many of our regular patients. At Shadyside Orthodontist our motto is to help you achieve the best smile so that you can always smile with confidence. Ours is a name that has been trusted and relied upon by hundreds of patients who have achieved unprecedented success with our treatment.

We strive to be the best in what we do

Our objective is to bring affordable, world-class orthodontic dentistry solution to all. We ensure best solution with a team of qualified doctors. Our team of paneled doctors is highly reputed and has working experience in international organizations. As you visit our state-of-art set-up you will soon realize that we are different from the rest in the market. The doctors are friendly and warm and will help you find the best treatment for your problems. At Shadyside Orthodontist we always strive to make your visits pleasant and once you visit our office you would be looking forward for your next one.

Custom dental treatment designed specifically for you

In our experience we have seen that no two cases are same. We therefore avoid offering one-size-fits-all solution and opt for custom treatment for our patients. Our years of experience as renowned orthodontic dentist has allowed us exclusive knowledge and expertise that we render to our patients in helping them achieve the best results. Since enrolling for a corrective treatment is a big decision we always make sure that you understand the need, extent, and scope of treatment in achieving desired results. Our doctor will diagnose your issues to decide the right course of action.

Embrace your braces

We help you feel confident in your braces. It doesn’t have to look awkward. We have designed customized braces that will rather enhance your smile. In our specialty orthodontic dentistry facility we offer even the most advanced smile correction treatment such as – invisalign, which consist of fitting a series of custom made, clear, plastic, removable mouth plates that are as good as braces but aren’t visible. This technique is used in treating dental abnormalities in teenagers and adults.

We have got all that you need for advanced orthodontic treatment under one-roof. And, that too at rates that you will find hard to believe. Ever desired to look and smile better? Here is your chance to avail world-class treatment from top orthodontist. We don’t stop at offering treatment only for your teeth but help correcting issues related to jaw and bite as well. Your search ends with us. If you like to know more about our range of services, sign-up for free consultation. We would be glad help you receive the best treatment.