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Plastic Aligners versus Regular Braces

Posted on October 31, 2018 with 0 comments

Is There a Difference in Treatment Outcomes Between Plastic Aligners and Regular Braces? No. Teeth move because gentle forces are applied to them. These forces are applied in a specific way to achieve the desirable movement to guide the teeth to their correct and final position. Forces can be applied to the tooth via either […]

Baby Teeth Falling Out

Posted on October 25, 2018 with 0 comments

Why Aren’t My Child’s Baby Teeth Falling Out ? Baby teeth are important, and serve several purposes besides chewing. They guide the permanent teeth, and preserve the space for the permanent teeth until they are developed enough to come in to replace the baby teeth. Parent’s often worry when a child’s baby teeth do not […]

Early Orthodontic Treatment

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Early orthodontic treatment is also called interceptive and “Phase 1” treatment and means treatment performed while baby teeth are still present. It is goal is to intercept developing problems, eliminates causes and guide the growth of the jaws. To find out if your child needs early treatment,  an appointment with an specialist. is required. During […]

Observation Visits

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My orthodontist recommended that I bring my child for observational visits. Is it necessary and why? The reason for these complimentary visits is because timing is important in treatment decisions. These visits allow the orthodontist to monitor your child’s dental development as well as the growth of the jaws and face. Most often the orthodontist […]

Taking care of braces

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What Do I Need to Take Care of My Braces? Maintaining your braces and keeping your teeth clean is the best thing you can do for the health of your teeth and gum. It will prevent your gums from enlarging (gingivitis), as well as the development of unsightly white spots on your teeth and cavities. […]

Why Braces Hurt

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The initial placement of braces typically does not hurt: The braces are put on a specific position on your teeth with a special adhesive that is hardened by a special light wand. Although the outer layer of the adhesive near the bracket hardens immediately, the inner layer will take about 24 hours to fully harden. […]